EZ-3/4in & EZ-18mm

EZ Mounting for Speed Sensors

Mounts directly to the tapped shaft
•  Can be used with optional Mounting Magnet
    if shaft is not tapped
•  Pulser disc is included
•  EZ-3/4in is for the 906, 916A, and 932 sensors
•  EZ-18mm is for Series 18, ST420 Series,
   and  SpeedTalker DN-BH

The EZ-18mm and the EZ-3/4in Easy Mount Bracket Assemblies are used with Electro-Sensors speed sensors to generate pulses or 4-20 mA signals for use with display meters, speed switches, or PLC inputs. The EZ-18mm and EZ-3/4in mount directly to the shaft so no other mounting brackets are needed. A securing strap is also provided.

EZ-3/4in Easy Mount Speed Sensor Side View         EZ Mount Sensor on Tapped Shaft

EZ-3/4in with 906 Speed Sensor installed on a tapped shaft


EZ-18mm with Series 18 Speed Sensor installed. Shown with the cover removed, exposing the 8 PPR Pulser Disc within the housing. Every Mounting Assembly comes with a Safety Strap.


Mounting Magnet Option for Untapped Shafts

 EZ-3/4in Easy Mount Speed Sensor with Mounting Magnet             Mounting Magnet with Easy Mount Speed Sensor

EZ-3/4in with 906 Speed Sensor installed on an untapped shaft utilizing an
MM-1.25 Electro-Sensors Mounting Magnet Option

*Only for use in applications with less than 300 RPM*

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