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DS250 / DS260 - the new generation of certified Safety Motion Monitors for Incremental Encoder / Sensors

If Motrona monitors for speed, standstill and direction of rotation have worked great for you in the past, the new DS250 / DS260 generation offers even more functionalities and connection possibilities.

With a certified incremental encoder the devices reach SIL2/PLd or with two non-certified incremental sensors up to SIL3/PLe. The input levels of the pulse inputs can be switched between HTL / HTL differential / TTL-RS422. Eight HTL / PNP control inputs also extend the functional variants.

Due to an adjustable encoder supply between 5 VDC and 24 VDC, the DS250 / DS260 units offer a flexible use of a wide range of encoder variants.

The safety-related outputs of the new device generation have been supplemented by an additional output relay (NO). Thus, the 4 fast switching transistor outputs and 2 forced relay outputs allow a variety of connection possibilities for external peripherals.

With the increased permissible load on the transistor outputs of max. 500 mA per output, external power contactors can be controlled without any problems.

Thereby these speed monitors are suitable for the retrofitting of systems and machines using existing "non-safe" incremental encoders and sensors. This not only saves significant costs, but also significantly reduces the cost of adaptation by maintaining the existing wiring.
The monitoring of the over-, underspeed, standstill and direction of rotation is ensured in the same way as the line break monitoring of the sensor signals.

A USB interface in combination with the user interface OS6.0 or, optionally, the BG230 plug-on operator panel ensure simple parameterization of the certified monitors.

  • DS250: 2 incremental encoders/sensors (HTL differential/ HTL single ended/ RS422)
  • DS260: 1 incremental encoder/sensor (HTL differential/ HTL single ended/ RS422)