DS230 - DS236 - BG230

DS230 - DS236 - BG230

Safety Motion Monitors

DS 230*: (1 relay, 4 control outputs push-pull, analogue output, signal splitter)

DS 236*: (1 relay, 4 control outputs push-pull, analogue output)

BG 230*: Display- and programming module (optional)


  • SIL3 and PLe certification
  • Safety functions equivalent to EN61800-5-2 (SS1, SS2, SOS, SLS, SDI, SSM)
  • Two inputs for SinCos encoders with 1 Vpp, channels: SIN+, SIN-, COS+, COS- or one input for SinCos encoders with SIL3/PLe certification
  • Two inputs for incremental encoders with format RS422 (differential signals A, /A, B, /B)
  • Two inverse redundant HLT PNP inputs for encoders, proximity switches or control commands (10-30 V) 
  • Forced guided redundant output relay (NO) 
  • Four inverse redundant HTL control outputs 
  • Safe analog output (4-20 mA) 
  • Easy and safe integration into existing sensor wirings, enabled by the integrated signal splitter 
  • Mount for standard DIN rails (35 mm C-profile) 
  • Snap on display and programming module (optional)

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