Speed Monitor with 3 Transistor Outputs and Analog Output

The DZ261 is conceived as a monitoring device for switch cabinet installation. It is used for the reliable monitoring of machines with overspeed, underspeed (with switchable start-up bridging), direction of rotation or standstill. The pulse input is designed for incremental encoders, sensors and measuring systems with HTL or RS422 / TTL output signals. Special features of this monitor are the very high frequency range, the fast response and the versatility with regard to possible monitoring functions. Optionally for programmingyou can use the front-panel keyboard or a PC with motrona user interface, connected to the standard RS232 interface. The compact housing has a snap mechanism with which the device can be mounted on a DIN rail in a turn-by-turn manner.

The DZ261 is equipped with 3 fast transistor outputs and a 14 bit analog output which can assume additional control and regulation tasks.