ZD / ZA / ZR 330-644

High Speed Position Counters and Differential Counters with 2 Encoder Inputs


Series ZA:  Includes fast analog outputs
                     +/– 10 V and 0/4 – 20 mA

Series ZD:  Without analog output, otherwise
                     similar to series ZA

Series ZR:  With serial RS485 interface

  • 2 encoder inputs, each with channels A, /A, B, /B and individual
    impulse scaling. Counting frequency 1 MHz per encoder
  • Impulse inputs programmable to all prevalent signal formats as TTL,
    RS422, HTL, single channel or quadrature, single-ended or differential
  • Exceptional choice of functions and counting modes as single counter,
    sum or differential counter, diameter calculator with winding rolls,
    real-length indicator with flying cut-to-length applications etc.
  • Programmable linearization curves (for each encoder input separately)
  • 4 preselections with fast-switching transistor outputs (switching capability 350 mA)
  • All models include serial RS232 interface
  • Display alternatively 6 decades / 15 mm (.56") or 8 decades / 10 mm (.36")
  • Range includes also models with relay outputs and with front thumbwheel switches



Table of Available Models

Model Table 3