ION Remote I/O

ION Remote I/O

I/O Modules with Modbus

  • 3 Models:
       - Analog-In
       - Discrete I/O
       - Frequency/Discrete-In
  • Standard Modbus RTU slave over RS485
      network interface, up to 115.2k baud
  • Low latency (< 1 mS) from Query end to Response start for high data throughput
  • Protected 24 VDC sensor power
  • Pluggable terminal blocks
  • DIN-rail mount
  • 24 VDC powered

High-quality sensor and control I/O at low cost.
All models directly connect to standard 2-wire RS485 networks of up to 31 Modbus slaves and a single Modbus master (PLC, PC, touch-screen, gateways, etc.).

Ideal for building scalable systems: expand by adding ION modules to the network.
Ideal for Hazard Monitoring systems: up to 12 temperature or shaft speed sensors per Analog-In module.

ION Analog-In

  • 12 precision 4-20 mA analog inputs convert with 1µA resolution
  • Ideal for Hazard Monitoring (temperature, belt alignment, shaft speed) systems

ION Discrete I/O

  • 6 inputs - compatible with switches and NPN/sinking discrete-output sensors (e.g. prox, photo-eye, limit-switch)
  • 6 relay outputs – Form-A (SPST) for controlling alarms, buzzers, motor starters, other relays, etc.

ION Frequency/Discrete-In

  • 12 dual-purpose inputs – compatible with all pulse/square-wave frequency-output sensors and signals (shaft-speed, flow, pressure) and all discrete-binary sensors/switches (prox, photo-eye, switch, relay etc.)
  • All inputs are separately configurable and independent:  acquire frequencies and discrete-binary states in any combination.
  • High resolution (16 and 32-bit), high accuracy frequency measurement in any units (RPM, Hz and all user units)
  • Separately configurable input termination (pull-up, pull-down and Hi-Z),  compatible with PNP/sourcing, NPN/sinking, line-driver and logic output sensors and signal sources.