Slide Gate Monitor With Relay Output


  • Accurate gate position feedback 
  • Ideal for product proportioning
  • No bracket required - easily mounts to gate drive shaft
  • Works with either electrically or manually driven gates
  • Retains gate position in the event of a power loss
  • Use built-in relays to directly command equipment
  • Class I, Div I (C, D) Class II, Div I (E, F, G)

The SG1000RA slide gate monitor is designed to be an independent option for those seeking to monitor positioning or equipment.  Once set points are established the SG1000 RA can command equipment with built-in relay outputs.  The SG1000 RA is designed to work independantly from a plant control system.  

The SG1000RA mounts directly to the end of the slide gate drive shaft and is easily calibrated with a single push button for setting the fully open and fully closed limit points of the gate. The SG1000 RA can be calibrated in either direction, thus reducing confusion when establishing set points. As the drive shaft rotates, the SG1000RA senses rotation and if a set-point is reached with energize a relay which can be used to control equipment, horns, lights or other facility alarm systems.