OEM Switch DMS100/5000

Economical Shaft Speed Switch

•  Works with remote/external pulse
    frequency output sensor (NPN,
    PNP, Mag Pick-up and TTL)
•  Over-speed or under-speed configuration
•  5 RPM to 100 RPM with 8 PPR input (DMS100)
•  100 RPM to 5000 RPM with 4 PPR input (DMS5000)
•  2 SPDT relay outputs
•  DIN rail mounting simplifies installation
•  115, 230 VAC (50-60 Hz) and 12, 24 VDC power options

The unit is switch selectable for NPN, PNP, mag sensor and logic level sensor inputs. Two models offer setpoint ranges from 5 - 5000 RPM. The setpoints are adjustable via two (2) 25-turn potentiometers located under the housing cover. Both setpoints are switch selectable for over- or under-speed operation. A viewable LED indicates the relay status for easy trouble shooting. The DMS is typically used to detect a slowdown on conveyors, fans, blowers and other machinery where a reduction in shaft speed rotation could adversely affect plant operations.

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