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Machine Monitoring Applications

Electro-Sensors specializes in providing Machine Monitoring solutions to many industrial industries and Applications.  Whether it is a Grain Elevator, Milling Facility, Conveyor, Bulk Material Handling Operation, or just one Machine that needs monitoring for protection and preventive maintenance Electro-Sensors, Inc. can help you optimize your facilities and processes.  

Below are many Machine Monitoring Applications for which we provide Industry Leading solutions.  We are happy to help with applications that you dont see below, please contact our sales team and we will be happy to assist you and find the right solution for your application.  

  • Tripper_update2018.png


    A tripper drawing showing all the HazardPRO sensors monitoring it for temperature, ambient temperature, and belt position with a wireless node mounted on it.

  • Belt_Conveyor_w_Red_Speed_Switch_600.jpg


    A drawing of a belt conveyor being monitored by an M100T Speed Switch.

  • Power_Plant_Applications_040113.jpg


    A drawing of a Power Plant Layout showing how various electro-sensors products can monitor it for proper operation.

  • Application_and_labels_2.jpg


    An application photo showing many uses for Electro-Sensors products. Processes such as: crushers, conveyors, elevators, vibratory conveyors are monitored by sensors and switches.

  • Vibration_Coveyor_600.jpg


    A VS1 monitoring a vibratory conveyor in a drawing.

  • Blower_600.jpg


    A drawing of a blower being monitored by a 906, LRB Speed Switch, and a Pulser Wrap.

  • ScrewConv_600.jpg


    An SCP speed switch and pulser wrap monitoring a screw conveyor for RPM.

  • Rotary_Airlock_600.jpg


    A rotary airlock drawing with a 906 sensor and disc monitoring it for speed.

  • Bucket_Elevator_Temp_FB420_600.jpg


    The illustration shows how the key parts of an elevator can be monitored to provide protection against failure. Using the FB420 andd TT420 you can monitor a Bucket Elevator for speed and temperature.

  • Pump_600.jpg


    A drawing showing electro-sensors products monitoring a pump application.

  • CoalFeeder_600.jpg


    An illustration showing how a 907XP, Pulser Disc, and SA420 can monitor a Coal Feeder for proper operation.

  • Hammermill_600.jpg


    A drawing showing a 906 speed sensor, pulser disc, TR400 and a VS1 monitoring the Hammermill for proper operation.

  • Motor_600.jpg


    An image showing a 906 and 907 sensor monitoring a motor shaft with a disc and a wrap.

  • SlideGate_600.jpg


    A PM500 and SG1000A monitoring slide gate position.

  • Bucket_Elevator_600.jpg


    An image showing how and ES16 can monitor a Bucket Elevator for Alignment and bearing Temp.

  • Web_Press_600.jpg


    A press application being monitored by an AP1000, 906 speed sensor, and pulser disc in a drawing.

  • ElectroSensorsFlowAnimation-web.gif


    An animation of electro-sensors products monitoring machinery.