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Case Studies


Customer: Castles~n~Coasters
Date Published: 12/26/2013
Application: Monitoring Amusement Park Rides with Speed Switches

Product(s): DR1000 Speed Switches, 906 Speed Sensors, Pulser Disc, Pulser Wrap
Castles~n~Coasters Website

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Industrial Cooling, Inc (ICACS)

Date Published: 9/4/2013
Application: Accurate speed monitoring on Steam Turbines
Product(s): Series 18 Stainless Steel Sensors, Aluminum Pulser Wrap
Industrial Cooling, Inc. Website

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Application: Position Monitoring on Flue Dampers for safe and efficient operation of an arc furnace.
Product(s): SG1000 Position Sensor

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Casco Systems, LLC

Customer: Casco Systems, LLC
Application: Speed monitoring and overspeed detection on hydroelectric turbines and generation equipment.
Product(s): TR400 Ratemeter


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Duke Energy

Customer: Duke Energy
Application: Shaft speed monitoring on Horizontal and Hydro generators with explosion proof, hall effect sensors.
Product(s): 907 XP, Pulser Disc


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Montana Windworks

Customer: Montana Windworks
Application: Detecting unwanted reverse rotation on wind turbines.
Product(s): UDS1000 Speed Switch, 906 Sensor, Pulser Wrap


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NF & M Company

Customer: NF & M Company
Application: Speed Switch with aluminum pulser wrap to monitor exhaust fans on annealing ovens.
Product(s): M5000 Sensor, Aluminum Pulser Wrap


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Charlotte Mecklenburg

Customer: Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities
Application: Conveyor belt speed monitoring with sensors.
Product(s): 906 Hall Effect Sensors, Pulser Wrap


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