Shaft Speed Switches

Electro-Sensors, Inc. - Zero Speed Switch, Under-Speed Switch, Over-Speed Switch, Relay Output, 4-20 mA Output

Motrona Control

Control products include: electronic counters for frequencies up to 1 MHz; tachometers & frequency meters; process indicators & panel meters with analog input; SSI displays (dual position & sum/differential); monitors for speed, standstill, slip, shaft fracture, skew position etc. Units available with optional outputs & interfaces.

Shaft Speed Sensors

Hall-Effect & Magnetoresistive Speed Sensors, Speed Output, Shaft Speed Detection, Explosion-Proof (XP), Digital Magnetic Speed Sensor

Shaft Speed Pulse Generators | Shaft Speed Targets

Shaft Speed Pulse Generators provide a Shaft Speed target needed for shaft speed detection with a sensor or switch.

Motrona Motion

Motion products include: synchronous controllers for electrical drives; controllers for rotation cutters & rotary shear systems; controllers for machining “on the fly” (flying shears, saws, punchers, cutters etc.); special controllers for tubular bag machines (packing) or intermitting printing machines (label printing) & many other sophisticated applications.

Wireless Hazard Monitoring

HazardPRO Wireless Hazard Monitoring System, Wireless Temperature Sensors, Ambient Temperature Compensation, Wireless Shaft Speed Sensor, process control

Motrona Interface

Interface products include: level converters, splitters, distributors, switchers for incremental or SinCos encoder signals; signal converters & conditioners for frequencies, analog signals, SSI or SinCos encoders, parallel & serial measuring data; frequency dividers & frequency multipliers; innovative optical fiber modules.

Motrona Accessories

Accessories include operator terminals, cables, universal power units, mounting brackets, replacement circuit boards, splitters & housings.

Wired Hazard Monitoring

Electro-Sensors Wired Hazard Monitoring Systems give the facility insight into their equipment by catching equipment failure before it starts. Fully approved Explosion-Proof Systems.

Bearing Sensors & Belt Alignment

Electro-Sensors Bearing and Belt Alignment Sensors Provide Early Warning of Overheating.

Slide Gate & Angle Position

Measure a Wide Range of Shaft Angle and Linear Position on Slide Gates and Valves Using the SG1000 position monitor.

Temperature Sensors

Electro-Sensors Temperature Sensors can be used to Monitor Temperature on a Wide Range of Industrial Machinery.

Tachometers, Counters & Displays

Our Tachometers, Process Meters, and Counters Provide a Range of Display Options for Industrial Processes.

Signal Conditioners & Interface

Vibration & Tilt

Industrial Vibration Monitoring. Monitor machinery for vibration or lack of vibration.


Easy Mounting and Protection Options for Speed Switches, Speed Sensors, and Pulser Discs.

Motor Drive Control

Motor speed drive controllers ranging from simple speed display to complex process synchronizers.

Motrona - Control / Motion / Interface

Electro-Sensors is a distributor of Motrona Automation Products in North America.