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Hazard Monitoring

Hazard Monitoring describes the monitoring of machinery/equipment in classified areas to prevent catastrophic events from occurring.  These events can include Dust Ignition Explosions, Gas Explosions, Belt Breakage, Motor Failure, and numerous other failures.  Electro-Sensors, Inc. hazard monitoring systems are designed to provide safety across all Industries. Our wireless and wired systems provide this safety by monitoring elements such as: Speed, Temperature, Vibration, Positioning, and Alignment. Hazard monitoring equipment is commonly used to monitor: Bucket Elevators, Belt Conveyors, Screw ConveyorsDrag ConveyorsFans, Crushers, Slide Gates, Blowers, and many more. This benchmark protection helps facilities closely monitor their most important assets, and stay ahead of maintenance projects. These systems have improved the safety and productivity of facilities and plants since 1968.  

Often times safety concerns arise after a catastrophic event occurs, Electro-Sensors, Inc. can help you prevent these occurrences by proactively monitoring your machinery. Safety is reliant on employees and equipment, and hazard monitoring helps your employees stay safe by providing the confidence in your machinery that is needed in modern industrial locations.  

Locations where there are hazards such as: explosions, corrosion, and flammability are not a problem, as Electro-Sensors, Inc. has certified equipment for locations that need Class I, Div I (C, D) Class II (E, F, G) certifications.

Our sensors will simplify the safety process for your facility and provide the monitoring that has been accepted in industries since 1968. Whether you are in the Grain, Petrol, Mining, Processing, or another industry we will do our best to provide the monitoring that you and your facility deserve.  

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