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Belt Alignment Sensors and Doors

Rub Block Door Assemblies

Belt Alignment Sensors and Rub Block Doors

Belt Alignment Assemblies make management of your belt conveyor or bucket elevator system easy and hassle-free.  Rub Block Doors allow for a convenient way to attach the brass rub blocks to your equipment.  The door can be opened to allow for viewing of the belt and wear levels on the brass block, there are also adjustable doors, uni-strut assemblies, 2", and 4" circlular cut options.

Brass Rub Blocks are used to monitor for belt misalignment on Bucket Elevators and Conveyors.  The brass block captures belt rubbing via friction with the belt.  The friction with the belt makes the temperature rise, the temperature change is recorded by a temperature sensor connected to the brass block.  

The Temperature sensor that is threaded into the brass block allows for a monitoring system to have alignment information which allows for belt misalignment warning and shutdown.

• Hinged door allows easy installation and access
• Straightforward installation, Optional brass shapes for new or retrofit applications
• Facilitates regular proactive maintenance inspections
• Provides warning of conveyor or elevator belt misalignment
• Protects employee safety, plant machinery and prevents unscheduled downtime

Multiple unique Rub Block Assembly models are available:
Standard Hinged Door Assembly
Allows for quick and easy inspection of belts and replacement of worn rub blocks, saves time, and promotes regular maintenance inspections. Standard rub block door assemblies can be installed on new equipment or as a retrofit upgrade.
Adjustable Rub Block Door Assembly
Designed for enclosed conveyors or equipment with frames that interfere with optimum sensor mounting. This mounting assembly is a hinged door with slots for attaching the rub block and sensor. After installing the door and sensor, the rub block can be slid approximately one inch into its sensing position - Allows the rub block to be moved into the corner or bottom of a frame so that belt misalignment can be quickly detected in previously difficult to reach locations.
Uni-Strut Mounting Bracket Door Assembly
Designed to have the rub block mounted on one side of the bracket facing the belt and Unistrut can be directly connected to the other side. Allows easy vertical and horizontal adjustment of the rub block placement for proper belt misalignment monitoring No need for expensive and time consuming custom mounting brackets.
Snouted Rub Block Door Assembly
The Snouted Rub Block Door has a threaded sensor housing that provides a connection for 1/2” liquid tight conduit. The snout runs down to the 3/8-16 threaded opening in the brass for the sensor to be connected to the brass block. Available with 2”x4” brass block and modified 2”x4” block for 4” round cutouts.
Round Retrofit Rub Block:
For installations with electro-sensors temperature sensors where a 2” hole has been drilled.

Application Link: Monitoring Belt Misalignment on a Bucket Elevator