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M100T / M5000T

M100T / M5000T
CEUL Listed Bottom

Shaft Speed Switch

•  Internal sensor
•  SPDT relay output
•  5-100 rpm (M100T), 100-5,000 rpm
     (M5000T) under-speed setting
•  Terminal block for easy wiring
•  115, 230 VAC (50-60 Hz) and 12, 24 VDC power options
•  Works with Electro-Sensors magnetic pulser discs/wraps
•  Optional EZ-100 Mounting Bracket and Mounting Magnet
•  Cast aluminum explosion-proof (XP) housing
•  UL Listed Class I, Div I (C, D) Class II, Div I (E, F, G)

The M100T and M5000T are compact, self-contained shaft rotation monitoring speed switches ideal for detecting unwanted slowdown or stoppage of process equipment. They have a terminal block inside the housing for easy wiring connection, calibration, and installation. The M100T has a relay setpoint range of between 5 rpm and 100 rpm. The M5000T has a relay setpoint range of between 100 rpm and 5,000 rpm; this is the range where the relay can be set to trip.

In the event of a rotational failure, such as broken drives, belt slippage, product overloads, clogs and jams, the SPDT 5-Amp control relay can be used to provide equipment shut down and/or alarm. This detection of a developing problem enables proactive maintenance to prevent equipment damage, product waste, and excessive downtime.

Speed switches are commonly used to monitor shaft speed on: drivetrains, power-driven components, crushers, exhaust fans, screw conveyors, or tail pulleys on belt conveyors and elevator legs.

Optional Mounting Magnet: MM-2.00
(See EZ Mounting Magnets Page for More Information)
• No Drilling or Tapping Required!
EZ-100 Mounting Bracket is REQUIRED for use

MM150.png       M100T, EZ-100, MM-2.00