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VS1/ VS2

VS1/ VS2

Vibration Monitors


  • Settable trip-point in RMS vibration velocity units (in/s)
  • Settable over/under alarm function
  • 2 output options: SPDT relay and isolated transistor
  • Both output options are failsafe
  • Settable alarm delay suppresses nuisance alarms
  • At-a-glance power, vibration and output status
  • 24 VDC powered
  • 2 housing options: compact NEMA 4X and XP (explosion proof)

VS1 and VS2 monitor the machine surface to which they are attached and alarm when vibration either exceeds or falls below the trip-point setting, according to the alarm over/under switch setting. Each have three LED indicators providing power, vibration and alarm status. The isolated transistor or relay output may be wired for machine shutdown or as part of an early warning system. The adjustable alarm delay prevents false alarms by allowing the user to set the minimum continuous fault condition time for alarm, thus preventing needless system shutdowns during operation or startup. Two rugged cast aluminum housing options are available for each model: the compact NEMA 4X and the Class I and II rated explosion proof (XP). A separate 24 VDC power supply is also available.

The VS1 is a low-level vibration switch optimized to monitor non-intentionally vibrating machinery for the effects of imbalance, misalignment, looseness or wear (e.g. bearings). The trip-point setting range is 0.1 →2.2 in/s. The VS1 is designed per ISO 10816-1 Mechanical Vibration - Evaluation of machine Vibration by measurements on non-rotating parts.

The VS2 is a high-level vibration switch optimized to monitor intentionally vibrating machinery (e.g. vibratory conveyors, hammer-mills) for the effects of imbalance, excessive load, mechanical failure or unintended machine shutdown and alarm when vibration exceeds or falls below the trip-point setting.  The trip-point setting range is 2.0 →26 in/s.