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Vibration Monitor


  • Heavy-duty sensing probe
  • DPDT 10 amp relay
  • Optional 230 VAC operation
  • Control unit remotely mounted
  • Mercury Switch monitors for machinery failure
  • Failsafe operation

The VUM800 Vibration Monitor confirms normal operation of processes utilizing continuous vibration. Since the VUM800 measures actual vibration, not motor rotation, power draw, or any other implied measures, all sources of failure are detected: power loss, motor or gearbox failure, belt slippage, or breakage. Applications include shaker screens, vibratory feeders, bin bottoms, and crushers. The solid state electronics of the rugged VUM800 are epoxy encapsulated in metal. The VUM800 is easily installed and needs no calibration or maintenance. The unit is failsafe; power loss or a broken cable will indicate an alarm situation.