CEUL Listed

Shaft Speed Switch

• Ideal for Smaller Spaces that are Difficult to Monitor
• Easy Installation and Calibration
• Rugged - Dust, Dirt, and Grease Proof
• 115 VAC, 50-60 Hz Only
• Failsafe Operation
• Corrosion-Resistant PVC Housing

PVC-Series Miniature Speed Switches are self-contained rotation monitoring systems that are ideal for detecting the unwanted slowdown of process equipment. These systems are commonly used to monitor drive trains, power-driven components, crushers, exhaust fans, screw conveyors, or tail pulleys on belt conveyors and elevators. A standard speed monitoring system includes a PVC-Series switch and a 255 Pulser disc. Electro-Sensors' speed switches bring efficiency and safety to your operations by preventing machine damage, product waste, and costly downtime.

PVC-Series Options:
  • PVC100 (10-100 RPM Range)
  • PVC5000 (100-5000 RPM Range)