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Literature Library

Welcome to our Literature Library where you can find all the latest brochures, press releases, detailed application notes, informational white papers, and general product notes about Electro-Sensors products. If you are looking for product specific data sheets and installation and operating manuals, you can find them by going to the individual product pages.

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Product Brochures

Full Line Product Overview Brochure

HazardPRO™ Wireless Hazard Monitoring Brochure

Chinese Product Overview Brochure

Electro-Sentry 1 Hazard Monitoring System

Proactive Maintenance Using Shaft Speed Monitoring

Power Generation Products and Applications

Motrona Product Brochure

Application Notes

Precise Coal Discharge with the SA420 Signal Conditioner and Conveyor Monitoring Speed Sensor System

Monitor Industrial Coal Crushers for Excess Vibration Due to Imbalance with the VS1 Monitor

Monitor High Service Pump Shafts to Protect Against Reverse Rotation with the UDS1000 Shaft Speed Switch System

Monitor Impeller Shaft on Power Plant Fans to Guard Against Slow-Down or Stoppage with a M5000T Speed Switch

Detect Slow-Down and Stoppage of Slow Moving Flighted Chain Scrapers on Sludge Tanks with the SS110 Speed Switch

Monitor Tail Pulley on Conveyors for Unwanted Slowdown with the M100T Speed Switch with Integrated Sensor

Protect Turbines from Underspeed, Overspeed, and Stop Conditions with the TR400-6 (6 Relays) Ratemeter

Monitor Sludge Conveyors for Belt Slippage, Breakage, and Overloading with the SCP1000 Speed Switch System

Use the TA100 Belt Alignment Monitor to Sense when a Conveyor Belt is Out of Alignment and Prevent Damage

Press Releases

Announcing the PM500 Process Meter that Converts Two Analog Sensor Inputs Into Any User Unit

Electro-Sensors, Inc. Acquires Wireless Hazard Monitoring Product Line From Harvest Engineering Inc.

Electro-Sensors Appoints David L. Klenk as New CEO/CFO

EZ-3/4in & EZ-18mm Bracket Assemblies

Electro-Sentry 1 Hazard Monitoring System

ION Modbus RTU I/O Modules

Sensor Selection Guides

Speed Switch Selection Guide

Speed Sensor Selection Guide

Temperature Sensor Selection Guide

Shaft Speed Sensor & Speed Switch Notes

How to Test Electro-Sensors NPN Open Collector Shaft Speed Sensor

M100T/M5000T Comparison to old M100/M5000

Intrinsic Safety Barrier Wiring for 2-Wire Sensors

Intrinsic Safety Barrier Wiring for 3-Wire Sensor

General Product Notes

Parallel Wiring for Two Electro-Sensors Products