VT420 Group.png

4-20mA Vibration Sensor


  • Monitors equipment for unwanted vibration 
  • RMS vibration velocity sensor (per ISO 10816)
  • 2-wire 4-20 mA output
  • 24Vdc recommended loop power
  • NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Optional PM500 Process Meter display 

VT420 are 2-wire loop-powered 4-20mA RMS vibration velocity sensors (per ISO 10816). Model options include M12 connector or fixed cable and various measurement scales and frequency ranges. Applications include equipment vibration measurement for normal operation, fault detection and preventive maintenance.
VT420 comes with a NEMA 4X enclosure, a 1/4-28 UNF 2A threaded mount, an M12 connector, and is two-wire loop powered. 

The optional PM500 Process Meter can be used as a remote display and can provide the +24 VDC output power for the VT420. Also, the PM500 has the option of two or four relays which are fully programmable and there is a 2-channel, 16-bit 4-20 mA programmable output option for mirroring the 4-20 mA signal to a PLC

For more information regarding the VT420 Please contact the Factory.  Pending Release.