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Slide Gate & Shaft Position

Slide Gate & Valve Position Sensors Key Features

  • Absolute Encoder-Based Feedback
  • 4-20 mA or Two-Relay Output
  • Valve, Gate, or Shaft Position Feedback
  • Non-volatile Memory
  • UL and CE Approvals 
  • Easy 1-, 2-, or 3-Point Calibration

4-20 mA Slide Gate & Valve Position Sensors Product Overview

All six Shaft Angle Position Feedback Monitors in the SG1000 Series utilize absolute rotary encoders to provide independent and accurate feedback of a slide gate's or a valve's position to an external device such as a PLC or optional PM500 Process Meter Display Unit. Models are housed in a rugged, Explosion-Proof/Dust-Ignition Proof cast aluminum enclosure that is dirt, dust, grease-proof, and water resistant. In the case of a power failure, all SG1000s are designed to retain accurate gate position.

Two-Relay Slide Gate Position Sensor Product Overview

The SG1000RA is a stand-alone system for those looking to accurately monitor gate end-point positioning or equipment. With a two-relay output, the SG1000RA can control equipment, lights, horns, or other various facility alarm systems. After a simple set-up, the SG1000RA triggers its relays once the slide gate reaches its fully-open or fully-closed positions. Just like the other SG1000 models, the SG1000RA is housed in an explosion-proof enclosure that is dirt, dust, grease-proof, and water resistant.