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Magnet Wheels

199SM / 198EM Magnet Wheels

•  Use with 1101/1201/1202 Hall Effect and 1102
     Magnetoresistive shaft speed sensors
•  60 pole pairs (Hall Effect)
• 120 alternating magnets (Magnetoresistive)
•  Non-contact sensing
•  End-of-shaft (198EM) or over-shaft (199SM
     models) mounting
•  NEMA C Ring Kit compatible
•  10,000 rpm maximum speed

The 199SM (Shaft Mount) and 198EM (End Mount) Magnet Wheels comprise a ferro-magnetic nylon ring with 120 alternating magnetic poles and an aluminum hub (available without aluminum hub). The wheel is 3.75" in diameter with the magnetic surface on the outside circumference of the wheel. The magnets are rectangular and evenly spaced between non magnetized spaces. The wheel is typically mounted on a shaft up to 3" in diameter.

Our shaft mount wheels are custom-bored to slide snugly onto the shaft, and are then secured with two set screws. Many standard hub sizes are in stock, including common NEMA C Frame Motor sizes. These magnetic wheels are compatible with Electro-Sensors' Hall Effect and Magnetoresistive sensors.