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M100/5000 (For Replacement Purposes Only)

M100/5000 (For Replacement Purposes Only)
CEUL Listed Bottom

Shaft Speed Switch

  • Easy installation and calibration
  • Rugged - dust, dirt, and grease proof
  • 115 VAC, 50-60 Hz only
  • Failsafe Operation

Note: Electro-Sensors recommends the new and improved M100T or M5000T design for new designs and when replacing the M100 or M5000. The functionality is the same, but the new technology includes optional voltages and a terminal strip for ease of installation. Learn about the improvements here.  The PVC100 and PVC5000 will continue to be recommended and supported for new designs.

M100 / M5000
• Class I, Div I (D) Class II (E, F, G) Class III
• Explosion proof, cast aluminum housing

PVC100 / PVC5000
• Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) UL and CSA approved
• Corrosion-resistant housing

The M100 and PVC100 have a relay setpoint range of between 10 rpm and 100 rpm. The M5000 and PVC5000 have a relay setpoint range of between 100 rpm and 5,000 rpm. This range is where the relay can be set to trip. In the event of rotational failure, such as broken drives, belt slippage, product overloads, clogs and jams, the SPDT 5-Amp control relay can be used to provide equipment shut down and/or alarm.

Optional Mounting Magnet: MM-2.00 (For M100 Only)
(See EZ Mounting Magnets Page for More Information)
• No Drilling or Tapping Required!
MUST be used with the EZ-100 Mounting Bracket

Speed Switch Easy Mounting MagnetEasy Mounting Magnet and Speed Sensor