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1101 Hall Effect Sensor

1101 Sensor

Stainless Steel Hall Effect


  •   NPN open collector, square-wave output
  •   Zero speed operation with no signal loss
  •   Non-contact, large gap distance sensing 
  •   Signal transmits up to 1,500 ft 
  •   Simple to install and set up
  •   Powered by 5-24 VDC

The 1101 Hall Effect sensor has a non-threaded stainless steel body, is supplied with a mounting bracket and 10 ft of 3-conductor shielded cable. It is commonly used with pulser discs or 60 pulse/rev magnet wheels.

These speed sensors use magnet-sensing Hall Effect IC's to produce a digital pulse signal to interface with speed switches, tachometers, counters, signal conditioners, or PLC's. Hall Effect sensors provide true zero speed operation with square-wave output and immunity to electrical noise.

A pulser disc or split collar pulser wrap with embedded magnets is mounted on the monitored shaft. As the shaft rotates, the magnets pass in front of the sensor causing the sensor to switch high and low, thus producing a digital pulse output. The sensors provide a digital square wave signal with a 50/50 duty cycle when used with pulse generators that have evenly spaced magnets of alternating polarity, such as Electro-Sensors Model 255 Pulser Disc. The recommended gap distance between the sensor and pulse generator is 1/4 inch +/- 1/8 inch. The gap flexibility makes the sensors tolerant of vibration, shaft run-out, misalignment, and industrial environments.