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PM500 Process Meter


Two Analog Input Process Meter

  • 4-digit display switchable between two inputs 
  • Completely field programmable 
  • Modbus RTU communications (RS-485)
  • Optional 2 or 4 relay outputs
  • Optional analog output card with (2) 4-20 mA outputs
  • Full diagnostic functions
  • Sensor failure detection and notification
  • Built-in relay test function
  • Optional explosion proof enclosure 
  • Optional NEMA 4X enclosure kit 
  • 115 VAC (50/60 Hz), with 230 VAC (50-60 Hz) power option 

The PM500 is a fully programmable process meter that has two 4-20 mA sensor inputs that can be scaled to any user-selected units. The most common inputs are temperature, position, and speed. The sensor transmits the 4-20 mA signal to the PM500 via a two- or three-conductor shielded cable. The PM500 then compares this analog signal to its programmed values to determine the appropriate display value and output states. The inputs are independent of each other and can be displayed as two different processes. For example, one input could be programmed for temperature and the other for position.


  • 2 or 4 programmable Form C relay contact outputs. Rated 250 VAC, 30 VDC at 5 amps resistive load
  • A 2-channel, 16-bit 4-20 mA output card  

Principle of Operation
The PM500 is a full-logic process ratemeter that can easily display any production variable such as temperature, position, or rate. The ability to accurately display the signal input and compare it to setpoints makes the PM500 an inexpensive solution to many industrial applications. With the addition of optional relay outputs and/or 4-20 mA analog outputs, the PM500 becomes a complete process control and display system. The optional relay outputs can be programmed for under-setpoint or over-setpoint operation. The 4-20 mA output can be scaled to reflect any area of the monitored range, including operations requiring an inverse output.