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Model TA

Conveyor Belt Misalignment System


  • Simple Installation - drill (3) 13/32" diameter holes and mount on a conveyor 
  • 3/4" NPT conduit opening
  • Roller arm can move up to 90 degrees in either direction and is spring loaded for automatic reset
  • Optional manual reset available
  • Operating temperature range: -40° F to 150° F

The TA-1 and TA-1X each have (1) limit switch and the TA-2 and TA-2X each have (2) limit switches. These conveyor belt alignment switches protect conveyor belts from damage due to belt misalignment or runoff. The controls are used in pairs with one switch placed on each side of the conveyor belt. Each control consists of a red epoxy coated roller that has a 1-1/4" diameter with nylon bushings that is adjustable up to 90 degrees in both directions. The switch actuation points are adjustable from 0 degrees to 45 degrees by a simple change of the actuating cam(s). The TA-1 and TA-2 are furnished with a heavy-duty cast aluminum housing. The TA-1X and TA-2X are furnished with a heavy-duty cast aluminum explosion-proof housing. Cast iron and epoxy-coated housings are also available.

TA-1: General Purpose, 1 SP/DT Switch
TA-2: General Purpose, 2 SP/DT Switches
TA-5: General Purpose, 2 DP/DT Switches
TA-1X: Explosion Proof, 1 SP/DT Switch
TA-2X: Explosion Proof, 2 SP/DT Switches
TA-5X: Explosion Proof, 2 DP/DT Switches
TA-2D: Special NEMA 4,4X & NEMA 9 Enclosure, 2 SP/DT Switches
TA-5D: Special NEMA 4,4X & NEMA 9 Enclosure, 2 DP/DT Switches