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Bearing Failure Analysis

Bearing failure is a serious problem in facilities worldwide.  Across dozens of industries bearing failures continue to lead to: Fires, Explosions, Belt Damage, and Product Waste.  Not only are these events dangerous to the personnel working in your facility, but they also can be extremely costly as failed bearings have the potential to cause explosions or fires.  

With the HazardPRO Wireless Monitoring System you can monitor your bearings and view live information on the temperature of the bearings.  HazardPRO also can monitor the speed of conveyors to give you even more insight on you facility.  Generally a slowing of the conveyor line means that you have a bearing issue.  This data can be stored and used to analyze future slow downs and better prepare your facility for bearing failure.  HazardPRO also has the ability to utilize contact closure sensors, This allows you to monitor numerous other points that signal impending bearing failure.  Electro-Sensors, Inc. VS1 Vibration monitor can be integrated into the HazardPRO system to provide alarms and shut-downs for high amounts of vibration, or the lack there of.  

System Explanation.png

HazardPRO Systems consist of Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) sensors that feed into a junction box called a wireless node.  These nodes monitor sensor information and transmit information to a central System Manager computer.  The Nodes are wireless and battery powered with a battery life expectancy of 5+ years (Battery can be replaced after depletion, no need to replace the entire node.).   The system manager allows personnel to view the entire network of sensors.  Each sensor has graphed sensor data and allows information to be conveniently viewed in the control room.  HazardPRO utilizes set-points to determine whether temperatures or speed are reaching dangerous levels.  Once the first set-point is crossed HazardPRO will issue a facility alarm.  This notifies plant personnel of the impending slowdown or bearing failure,  If the trend continues across the final threshold HazardPRO will shut down the machinery to help prevent fires and explosions from happening.  

This invaluable protection is a must for any facility with machinery to be monitored.  HazardPRO will give your facility the ability to control bearing failures and prevent them from causing damage to your facility.  With the Low cost & Speed of installation that wireless monitoring provides it is counter Intuitive to not protect your facility against failing machinery.  Call today to learn more about what HazardPRO can do for your facility.  

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