Tripper Cars

Tripper cars operate by distributing raw material into various bins while moving on rails along the length of a storage facility. These cars are also in operation with a  conveyor and pulley system. Tripper cars and systems can usually be found above large storage facilities, in mining operations, or simply in large-scale processes that require the movement of bulk materials.

Trippers provide a unique opportunity for hazard monitoring as the movement of the car itself makes Class II, Div. 1 monitoring difficult. A traditional wired hazard monitoring system would require running cables and wires the entire length of the facility in order to keep up with the tripper car. HazardPRO™ wireless sensors however, can be mounted directly to the tripper car and eliminate the need for cables and wires. These sensors provide monitoring for speedambient temperaturebearing temperature, and alignment all with Class II, Div. 1 approvals. HazardPRO proves that wireless hazard monitoring provides solutions for the most difficult equipment to be monitored in your facility. 

Download the HazardPRO brochure below for more information. 

HazardPRO™ Brochure

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