Series 18

Shaft Speed Sensor

•  FM Approved Intrinsically Safe (IS) 
Class I, Div 1, A → D; Class II Div 1 E→G; Class III
A Ex / Ex ia II c

•  NEMA 4X, IP 65

  • Housing
    Basic corded
    M12 Eurofast connector
    ½ NPT female conduit port
    ½ flex liquid-tight conduit fitting
  • Sensing (Hall Effect, Magnetoresistive)
  • Signal (single or quadrature)
  • Output (NPN or PNP)
  • Termination (open-collector or terminated)
  • Cable length
  • Temperature (standard or wide temperature)


Series 18 sensors detect passing magnets of a shaft-mounted pulser disc or wrap and output a voltage pulse frequency directly proportional to the shaft rotation speed. All models work with all Electro-Sensors pulser targets (discs and wraps) and operate down to zero speed. All models have rugged stainless steel M18x1 housings, epoxy-filled and sealed against liquids/dust and come with two stainless steel hex jam nuts and a bracket. 

Many housing, sensing, signaling, output, cable length and temperature options are available (see below).

Building a Model Number

Series 18 Build a Model


18BHSNO-010:  Basic housing, Hall Effect, single signal, npn, open-collector, 10 ft cable
18EHQPT:  Eurofast housing, Hall Effect, quadrature signal, pnp, terminated
18RMSPO-025-W:  ½ NPT conduit housing, Magnetoresistive, single signal, pnp, open-collector, 25 ft cable, wide-temp.

Optional EZ-18mm Easy Sensor Mount
(see EZ-18mm page for more details)

Series 18 Sensors with EZ -18mm MountFeatures
Mounts directly to the tapped shaft
•  Can be used with optional Mounting Magnet  if shaft is not tapped
•  Pulser disc is included (8 PPR) with optional EZ-18mm unit
•  EZ-18mm is for Series 18, ST420 Series, and  SpeedTalker Sensors

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Hall Effect or Magnetoresistive Sensor

Single or Quadrature Signal

NPN or PNP Output

Open Collector or Terminated Output

Cable Length in Feet (B, R, F Housing Only)

High Temperature Option

Option: Easy Mounting Bracket for Speed Sensors

Option: Easy Mounting Magnet (Must be Used with Easy Mounting Bracket)

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