Board of Directors

Joseph A. Marino
Chairman of the Board
President/CEO of Cardia, Inc. (a medical equipment manufacturer) since 1998. Director since 1994.

David L. Klenk
President, CEO, and CFO of Electro-Sensors, Inc. since July 23, 2013
President and Director of Harland Medical Systems, Inc., a privately-held medical technology company from 2006 to May 2013. Previously employed by August Technology Corporation in executive positions from 1993 to 2005. Director since 2013.

Jeffrey D. Peterson
Private Investor since 1998; Previously employed by John G. Kinnard and Company.  Director since 2011.

Michael C. Zipoy
Investment Executive since 1978, Feltl and Company (brokerage and investment banking firm) since 2005. Director since 2012.

Scott A. Gabbard
CFO of Magenic Technologies, Inc., a custom software development organization. Previously, he was VP of Finance for August Technology Corporation. Director since 2013.