HazardPRO™ Wireless Hazard Monitoring Brochure Gets an Update

Electro-Sensors has revised the HazardPRO™ Wireless Hazard Monitoring brochure to a new 10-page version that includes a dedicated applications page and plant integration page. The plant integration page goes into detail about HazardPRO's ability to connect to plant control systems and send register data via a Modbus TCP/IP connection. There is also a new wireless savings section, a page dedicated to both Class II, Div. 1 and Class II, Div. 2 nodes, and separate system components pages. Lastly, a newly developed sensor has been added, the VTHP. The VTHP is a vibration velocity sensor made for HazardPRO nodes. 

Click HERE for the HazardPRO™ page.
Click HERE for an interactive version.  

HazardPRO™ Brochure PDF

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