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New FB420 2.0 shaft speed sensor with onboard testing - providing industry leading machine protection

•  Onboard Sensor & Relay Testing *NEW*
•  4-20 mA Speed Output with Relay
•  LED Indicators for Quick Operation Status *NEW*
•  UL Approved for Hazardous Locations
•  Explosion-Proof Cast Aluminum Housing
•  Easy Setup & Operation
•  Larger Field-Friendly Programming Buttons *NEW*
•  LCD Display for mA, RPM, or % of Speed 

The 2.0 revision for the FB420 shaft speed sensor & switch brings onboard testing functionality to the industry-proven machine monitoring sensor.  The addition of the increment button (SW2) provides an easy way to test your monitoring system for proper warning and shutdown functionality.  Holding down the test button will increment the speed signal allowing the user to accurately test warning and shutdown limits.  Releasing the button will temporarily halt the increment, after 5 seconds of no user input the signal will revert to normal operation.  

The addition of the indicator LEDs provides the field user with an easy way to set up and diagnose the operation of the FB420 2.0.  The user can (when safe to do so) remove the sealed cover and view the indicator LEDs. 

The following LED colors provide easy-to-view operation information:
Blue LED: Loss of feedback alert
Red LED: Output path open circuit
Blue & Red LEDs: Unit not in normal run mode
Green LED: Relay energized

The FB420 2.0 is the latest way Electro-Sensors is working to improve machine monitoring and protection in hazardous areas.  

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FB420 2.0 Data Sheet

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