ID / IA / IR 330-644

Dual Position and Differential Indicators for Use with 2 Encoders or Measuring Systems (SSI Absolute or Incremental)


Series IA:  4 Presets and switching outputs,
                    RS232 interface, analog output

Series ID:  Without analog output, otherwise
                    similar to series IA

Series IR:  With serial RS485 interface

  • 2 independent encoder inputs (each either SSI-Master or SSI-Slave or incremental)
  • Indication of encoder1, encoder2, [encoder1 - encoder2] or [encoder1 + encoder2]
  • 4 preselections with fast-switching transistor outputs (switching capability 350 mA)
  • All models include serial RS 232 interface
  • Display alternatively 6 decades / 15 mm (.56") or  8 decades / 10 mm (.36")
  • Range includes also models with relay outputs and with front thumbwheel switches

Table of Available Models

Motrona Models 1