MS640: Format 96 x 96 mm


  • Programmable monitor, designed for monitoring
    and controlling of admissible and impermissible
    operating conditions on machinery systems
  • 2 separate encoder inputs, 4 control inputs and
    6 logical inputs for pick-up of motion and peripheral events
  • 4 fast switching transistor outputs and 4 forced-guided
    relay outputs, all with safety monitoring by internal feedback
  • This unit is not just a speed monitor, but provides
    comparison between peripheral motion, motor motion
    and scheduled demand values of the control system.
    According to customer settings the unit set alarm or
    OK conditions to the outputs
  • Continuous measuring and evaluation of all actual values of both encoders (actual speed, direction of rotation, motion or standstill, actual position, differential position)
  • Easy PC setup of the desired monitoring functions and the output switching conditions
  • Extensive peripheral safety by detection of external problems (mechanical, sensors, cables etc.)
  • High functional safety by extensive self tests for detection of internal failures, breakdown of components, malfunction etc

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