Electro-Sensors Featured in May Issue of Milling and Grain Magazine

During the 2016 GEAPS Exchange, which took place in Austin, TX, Electro-Sensors’ own Rick Eller gave an informative presentation revolving around the HazardPRO™ systems ambient temperature compensation feature. This took place during the shows Idea Exchange where 11 companies had the chance to present their latest products and explain how they benefit the grain industry. These were kept short and sweet as only a few minutes were allowed per presentation. 

For Electro-Sensors’ slot Rick Eller, Sales and Business Development Manager presented a key feature within the HazardPRO wireless hazard monitoring system: ambient temperature compensation. Eller explained that before this feature was made available a problem existed within the industry: “Traditionally, bearing temperature warning and
shutdown values were fixed and did not compensate for fluctuating environments or seasonal temperatures.”

“The HazardPRO™ wireless system solves this by adding ambient sensors in combination with equipment temperature sensors to minimize false alarms while immediately notifying of legitimate warnings to ensure equipment is safely managed.”

He went on to explain how these temperature sensors are used.

“Grain elevators incorporating HazardPRO utilize ambient sensors on each side of the tail and head sections to continuously monitor temperature changes and adjust warning and shutdown set points in real-time and in direct proportion with the current conditions.”

The benefits of this feature were highlighted throughout the presentation and Eller summed them up quite nicely in his conclusion: “The resulting benefit of ambient compensation is increased plant safety with fewer invalid nuisance alarms.” In summary, a problem within the industry was presented, the Electro-Sensors' solution was given highlighting the benefits of ambient temperature compensation, and its application was explained.

Click HERE to view the full article and be sure to check it out in the May issue of Milling and Grain. 

                             From Left to Right: HazardPRO™ RPM, Bearing, Ambient, and Belt Alignment Sensor with Node

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