Monitor Conveyor Belt Speed with the Popular Electro-Sensors M100T Speed Switch

Electro-Sensors rugged speed switches like the M100T are crucial for plant safety. These underspeed switches can detect the slowdown or stoppage of a rotating shaft before a catastrophic event occurs. Product waste, machine damage, process downtime, and unsafe working conditions can all be attributed to conveyor failure.

Installing the switch requires mounting a pulser disc or split collar pulser wrap to the machine shaft. The speed switch will then receive a digital pulse train from the disc or wrap and decode the frequency signal to determine shaft speed and then compare it to the pre-adjusted setpoint. The M100T underspeed switch has a single programmable relay that is adjustable for rotating shaft speeds between 10 to 100 RPM. In the event of rotational slowdown or failure caused by a broken drive, belt slippage or overload, or product clogs, the relay can be used to provide an alarm or equipment shutdown.

To operate properly, the switch must be mounted in the proper location and aligned to the pulser disc or wrap magnets. For installation convenience, Electro-Sensors offers an optional EZ-100 Mounting Bracket. The optional MM-2.00 Mounting Magnet can be used along with the EZ-100 for untapped shafts.

Click here to see a video demonstrating how to properly install, calibrate, and troubleshoot the M100T speed switch: