Electro-Sensors Achieves Class II Div. 1 Wireless Hazard Monitoring

MINNETONKA, MINNESOTA – (December 30, 2016) Electro-Sensors, Inc. (NASDAQ:  ELSE) today announced it has successfully achieved Intrinsically Safe Class II Div. 1 certification for the HazardPRO wireless hazard monitoring nodes and sensors. This certification allows the installation of HazardPRO’s sensors and nodes in locations where combustible dust is or may be in suspension in the air under normal operating conditions, in quantities sufficient to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures. Class II Div. 1 is the highest rating for combustible dusts as defined by OSHA and can exist in facilities across many markets Electro-Sensors serves.  In addition to its demonstrated industrial wireless technology and ease-of-installation, HazardPRO is quickly changing the way organizations protect their people, products, and facilities.

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